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Hague Quality Water Products

Hague WaterMax is a patented comprehensive water treatment system, not just a water softener.

Unique features include:

  • Multi-compartment media tank for complete flexibility in media configuration, plus more usable resin capacity. It can be configured 83 different ways to treat your particular water issues whether it is hard water, iron, chlorine, bad smell, nitrates, heavy metals, sulfur, manganese, tannin, industrial pollutants, agriculture chemicals, arsenic and many more.
  • On-demand regenerating by calendar or by exact water usage.
  • Super quiet control valve (with only one internal moving part) ensuring long life and reliable operations.

Hague Quality Water proudly carries the Water Quality Association’s Gold Seal on all products.

The WaterMax® is The Right Solution™ for all your family’s water treatment needs.

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