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Fleck 5600, 2510 and 2750 Models

 (Single Tank Water Softeners)

Branchwater, Inc.      



Single tank Water Softeners are the most common application. They include a single resin tank with the Fleck 5600, 2510 or 2750 control valve and a separate brine tank.

There are a few differences between the 5600, 2510 and the 2750 models

  • First, the 5600 is designed for use on Water Softeners from 15,000 to 64,000 grains of capacity while the 2510 model extends upward to 110,000 grains of capacity. The 2750 model is designed for 40,000 to 110,000 grain capacity water softeners.

  • Secondly, the 5600 has one electric motor that operates the valve's regeneration/backwash cycle and the piston inside the valve during regeneration/backwash while the 2510 and 2750 valves have two motors; one for the regeneration/backwash cycle and a second motor which operates the piston inside the valve. This makes the 2510 and 2750 valves a bit more "heavy duty" as there are two motors performing the operation of the valve.

  • Finally, the 5600 and 2510 are 3/4" control valves while the 2750 is a 1" control valve. This means that the valve body is internally sized at 3/4" or 1". The 5600 and 2510 have 3/4" or 1" connections available using either a yoke or bypass valve. The 2750 valve must be directly plumbed to which means if you require a bypass of the system, it must be accomplished in your plumbing configuration.

    All three models are very good valves! The 5600 has been around since 1979 and is very dependable. The 2510 and 2750 are also great valves that will last for many years of trouble free operation. 


     What's the Difference Between Timer and Meter (On Demand)

    5600 Models

    Single Tanks)

    5600 Timer

    5600 Meter

    5600SE Meter


    2510 Models
    (Single Tanks)

    2510 Meter

    2510SE Meter

    Valve Picture